About Me

My name is Kelly Michelle, also known as the Twisted Libra. I have been writing my entire life, mostly poetry but also some short stories here and there. I am a lover of all things macabre, and have been since childhood. My favorite holiday has always been Halloween, and I always preferred spooky things to pretty things. I remember back in 3rd grade, everyone else had pencil boxes (look it up, kids) with stuff like Transformers or Rainbow Brite on them; mine was covered in old folklore legends about witches and goblins. Yes, I was the weird kid. I still am, just trapped in an adult body now. I love reading, I love writing, and I am finally carrying out my dream of being a published author. I hope you enjoy your stay here in my cemetery. Look around, make a few friends, and leave some love when you go.

Some weird things from my life:

My original journal. This was the inspiration for my debut book.

I actually wore this button to my high school graduation. Of course, my mom made me wear it underneath my graduation gown so no one could see it. Still, it was there.

My favorite meme ever. EVER.

I have a vampire shrine in my bedroom.

I also have a little mini shrine for Bela Lugosi as Dracula.

My little Dracula novel collection...so far...