Here Lies Twisted Libra

Greetings, foolish mortal! I am the one and only Twisted Libra, and I am a lover of all things macabre! It seems you have stumbled into the Twisted Libra Cemetery! I write spooky short stories and poems, and I have also been known to blog a bit. Here you will find all my dark and wicked creations, interred especially for your enjoyment! Dig them up as you please, but put the bones back where you found them. You don't want an angry spirit following you home, do you? I hope you enjoy your stay, but after sunset you are here at your own risk. The residents tend to get a little restless when the darkness takes over. So, feel free to have a look around, make a few friends (alive or deceased), and leave some love when (if) you go! If you have any questions, you can track me down over in the séance parlour!