Twisted Libra's Wicked Creations

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Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery

Welcome to The Twisted Libra Cemetery: where there is always LIFE AFTER DEATH! Are you ready? Take a trip among the tombstones with your wicked host, the one and only Madam Mortis! She has 13 twisted tales for you tonight, so enter the gates if you dare! But...will she let you leave before sunrise? Or will you become a permanent resident in her graveyard? Once those gates slam shut, there is no turning back! Only the bravest souls will make it to the end! You've never experienced a cemetery quite like this! 

Welcome back to the Twisted Libra Cemetery! Take another trip through the tombstones with Madam Mortis! She has 13 new terrifying tales for you to enjoy! This time, delve into the oddities of humanity. Learn about the Strange and Unusual things that go on before your very eyes, yet are often unnoticed. Ghosts aren't the only things to be afraid of. Join Madam Mortis at the cemetery gates. Terror awaits! 

Welcome back, foolish mortal! Aren't you a brave soul?

Meet your wicked host, Madam Mortis, by the cemetery gates and see what she has in store for you this time! Will it be ghosts? Strange people? Or does she have something a little more sinister in mind? Enter if you dare, and follow her Into the's going to be one hell of a night! 

Lollipop Daggers

Do you like dark things? Let the Twisted Libra play with your mind in the dark poetry collection, "Lollipop Daggers." You've read the scary stories, now take a poetic journey into the unknown. Love, rage, sinister far are you willing to go?  From the creator of the haunting Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series comes a collection of deliciously dark poetry and prose! Join the wickedly delightful Twisted Libra as she weaves a web of gothic verse that is macabre, introspective, sinister, and at times, even erotic! Indulge your fears as well as your fantasies with this latest creation!

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