Have you always been this weird?

You say that like it's a bad thing...

What is your favorite movie?

Dracula (1931) with Bela Lugosi. It is terribly made and nothing like the novel, but damn I love that version.  

What inspires your writing?

My love for the macabre and for the absurdity of life. 

Where can we find your books?

 Just click the "Tomb of Tomes" section on the home page!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Maybe I am one. Ever think about that?

What is your favorite monster?

The one standing behind you as you read this. (made you look) But seriously, it's vampires. Always.

Do you respond to DMs?


Are your stories and blog posts any good?

Read them and find out. 

(Seriously, someone asked me that...what am I going to say? They're shit? I wrote them. Of course I think they're good.)